Annual Report 2021

Dear Friends of the Appleton Education Foundation, 

So many things in our lives have changed over the past two years. The pandemic upended our world, in both big and small ways.   

How we “do” education in our community is different, too, with technology playing a more prominent role than ever before.  

We know one thing has not changed: Our amazing AASD educators show up every day to motivate, encourage, and inspire more than 15,000 students to be their best academically and socially.  

The Appleton Education Foundation is proud to show up for educators. AEF grants – a few hundred or a few thousand dollars at a time – empower educators to try new ways to spark students’ passion for learning.  

We are excited and proud to share this report, which highlights the past 18 months of grant making and other activity.

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Donors: July 2020-December 2021

Individuals and organizations who gave to support funds within the AEF.

Tribute Gifts: View a list of memorials and honorariums.

Grants: July 2020-December 2021

View a list of grants and the schools/organizations that received them.

Charitable Funds: July 2020-December 2021

View a list of funds within the Appleton Education Foundation.


View Statements of Financial Position and Activities:

Note: We recently transitioned from a July-June fiscal year to a January-December fiscal year. The years reported above are July 2020-June 2021 and a shortened year of July-December 2021. Beginning in 2022, our fiscal years will reflect the calendar year.