About AEF Grants

AEF favors grant projects that:

  • Promote original, creative ideas
  • Demonstrate educational innovation
  • Focus on content enrichment and skills development
  • Are not supported through normal school budgets
  • Have measurable indicators of success
  • Address one or more academic standards set by AASD

Technology Notice

The Appleton Education Foundation believes in outfitting classrooms with new technology as it advances learning for all students. Grants from the Appleton Education Foundation Fund and other funds within ¬†the AEF have supported technology since AEF’s¬†founding in 1997. As technology continues to evolve, AEF appreciates receiving grant requests for new, creative programming opportunities using the newest technology. The AEF grants committee and board favor requests that use technology in new ways and/or as a means to pilot a technology that has not yet been used within AASD.

Letter to Applicants

Dear Teachers and Administrators:

AEF seeks to foster innovation and excellence in our schools. Our role is to fund initiatives that fall outside the school budget. The process is competitive to the extent that we usually receive grant requests totaling more than our budgeted allocations for each cycle, but we encourage you to apply and to share your ideas with us. Historically, more than 65% of submitted applications have received at least partial funding.

Visit our available grants page and review the guidelines and deadlines. Applications are only accepted through the Appleton Education Foundation’s grants portal. Watch a step-by-step video on how to apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications.


Julie Krause
Executive Director