Bill Van Den Brandt Memorial Gifts

Between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, the Foundation received gifts from the following individuals and organizations in memory of Bill Van Den Brandt. Gifts were directed to the Joe Perez Memorial Scholarship Fund to support post-secondary scholarships.

You can make a gift any time to the Perez Scholarship Fund. Select the fund in the designation drop down box. Or, mail your gift to Appleton Education Foundation: 122 E. College Ave., Suite 1B, Appleton, WI 54911

Wendy Abel
Lee and Amy Allinger
Kerry Arent
Laurie Arneson
Jacob Austin
Debra and Steven Baker
Steven and Diane Barnett
Aaron and Kristin Boddoe
Steven and Linda Bons
Jennifer Brandt
Nan and Brad Bunnow
Graham Cody
Bill and Lisa Colombo
Cullin and Emilie Conklin
Mark and Lisa Demro
Todd and Janelle Donaldson
Karen Dorn
Richard and Lori Fahrenholz
Brian Farmer
Bethany Fucci
Jim Fuller
Kelly Glasheen-Nackers
David and Kathleen Govier
Paul Holahan and Julie Grist
Daniel and Susan Groskreutz
Jonna and Tim Higgins
Annette Hitchcock
Graeme and Amy Hodson
David and Cynthia Holien
Dennis Hultgren
Lisa Hunter
Sarah Janssen
Melissa Johnson
Kimberly Kiesow
Carrie and Mark Kools
Judith Kuenn
Matt and Kerry Lang
Athena Lickel
Wendy Melzer
Chuck and Barb Merry
Taylor Mildenhall
Robert and Monica Mitby
Randal and Cathy Mittlestadt
Robin and Rebecca Nicholson
Sarah O’Brien and Cindy O’ Donnell
Nicholas O’Leary
Frank and Michelle O’Meara
Lucy Perez
Katherine Peterson and Molly Lanpher
Sue Peterson
Dawn and Michael Priebe
Peter and Cynthia Prodoehl
Thomas and Tammy Roberts
Mark Roe
Scot Schneidewend
Carol Schubert
Schubert Family Runners
Kathi Seifert
Kathleen Sell
Julie Shaw-Melzer and Stephen Melzer
Gracy Butler Sheely
James and Joan Short
John Siebers
Amanda Slawter
Scott and Christine Smith
Leland and Peggy Spoehr
Laura Stevenson
Scott and Sarah Strong
Bruce Swanson
Kyle and Polly Tripp
Richard and Deb Truyman
Donna Twining
Stephen and Peri Tyink
Michael and Carolyn Van Asten
James and Jane Van Den Brandt
Maria and Christopher Van Groll
Renee and Chris Van Sambeek
Mark and Jane Vandenberg
Brian and Judy Wagner
Angela Werdin
James and Kathleen Weyers
Elizabeth Wilde
Nathan Wilkinson
Barbara Worcester
Mark and Waleska Yokom
Oak Park Place of Menasha LLC
Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin
PRN Properties LLC
George Wurtz & Associated LLC