Tchoukball: A Game-Changing Experience

Teacher and students with Tchoukball equipment.

The best educators are always on the lookout for effective ways to challenge their students to develop new skills.

Physical Education teacher Bryce Verheyen had this in mind when he introduced the game of Tchoukball to his students at Highlands and Odyssey elementary schools.

His aunt was using the game in her Physical Education classes in Waupun, WI, and he was impressed by the impact on student learning.

“I borrowed her equipment to play with my students in the fall and it helped them practice concepts in a way we’re not usually able to do,” Verheyen said. “I applied for an Appleton Education Foundation grant so we could have our own set to use every year.”

Tchoukball (pronounced chewk-ball) is a team handball sport. Players on offense toss the ball to one another as they make their way down the court and throw it off a rebounder to a spot on the court where the defense cannot catch the ball.

Verheyen said Tchoukball is an effective way to teach students transitioning skills during invasion games and how to position themselves on offense and defense. For the non-PE teachers among us, this means teaching students to move quickly from offense to defense, getting to open space on offense and closing open space on defense.

Students are not allowed to intercept passes or steal the ball from others. In addition to developing the concept of teamwork, the game also helps students practice throwing from different angles, throwing with different forces, and throwing while jumping.

“There is no contact in this game, so students feel safe,” Verheyen said. “Tchoukball really allows every student to be successful.”

This story first appeared in AEF’s 2023 Report to the Community in spring 2024. Review the complete 2023 Report to the Community.