Coach Joe Perez Memorial Gifts

Between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, the Foundation received gifts from the following individuals and organizations in memory of Coach Perez. Gifts were directed to the Joe Perez Memorial Scholarship Fund to support post-secondary scholarships for Appleton East Cross Country athletes.

You can make a gift any time to the Perez Scholarship Fund. Select the fund in the designation drop down box. Or, mail your gift to Appleton Education Foundation: 122 E. College Ave., Suite 1B, Appleton, WI 54911

Acupuncture One, LLC
Lee and Amy Allinger
Robert and Deanne Anderson
Mildred Andorfer
Corry and Jane Azzi
Rae Ann Balster
Margery Barker
Steve and Diane Barnett
Jennifer Barsness
Kurt and Anne Bauer
Ryan Baxter
Christian Beck
Ryan Blakeslee
Charles Boldt
Penelope Bonneau
Mike and Gretchen Breitzman
Jerry Brien
Thomas Brown
Philip and Anne Callen
Michelle Carbiener
Pater and Kara Carman
Karlene Cronin
Brooks Dodd
Paul and Brooke Dodd
Terry and Anne Doyle
Bradley and Nichole Dunlap
Catherine Etheridge
Jack Fenlon
Lissa Field
Michael and Kari Fischer
Michael and Sharon Fitzpatrick
Dan Foote
Stephen and Linda Franklin
Johanna Garton
Tony and Jane Garton
Tom and Margaret Gossens
Terry and Jane Gross
Greg and Mary Haasl
Ronald and Cheryl Habeck
William Hayden
Barbara Hechel
Bruce and Ruthann Hetzler
Joseph and Jodi Hurley
Terry and Kathlyn Hurley
Annette Jadin
Thomas and Virginia Jensen
Bob and Mary Lou Jones
Joseph Kaufman
Kova Kolondzic
Norman Kranzusch
David and Joyce Kuecherer
Tom and Patt La Fountain
Jon and Kim Larsen
Todd Lathrop
Jane Levin
Patti Liskow-Mork
Ginger Lory
Nathaniel Lynch
Jim and Su Marotz
Elizabeth Martin
John and Virginia Mendoza
Maria Minkey
Tim and Ann Tilman
Douglas Moericke
Chris and Susan Morse
Anne and Daniel Mortell
Mortenson Kim Inc.
Mark and Lori Mueller
Patti Murphy
Joseph Nabbefeld
Thomas and Ingrid Newhouse
Mary Beth Nienhaus
Stephan and Karen O’Brien
Corey Otis
Patrick and Elissa Perez
Richard and C. Jean Perez
Bernard and Kristine Piaskowski
Dick Pike
GA Pittsburgh
Kirk and Arlene Pontow
Phillip Reisweber
Robert and Heidi Retzlaff
John and Susan Roll
Ann Rosebery
Joseph and Heather Russell
Peter and Jeanne Ryerson
Sarah Ryerson
Brian Sass
Thomas and Tracie Schirtzinger
Daniel and Angela Schoemann
Lynne and Joel Schroeder
Carol Schubert
John Schubert
Patrick and Cathy Schwanke
Paul Shedivy
John Sheely
Paul and Teresa Sherman
Joseph and Donna Siefkes
Gary and Karen Skillett
Marilyn Slattery
Jeffrey and Janeen Staack
Barbara Stracka
Paul and Nina Trigg
Sarah Trigg
Kyle and Polly Tripp
Rosalee Upp
John and Jean Van Den Brandt
Julie Ban Den Brandt
Marian Vittinghoff
Thomas and Janet Wanamaker
Charles Werner
Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Assn.