AASD Junior Math League – sample questions

So you’ve decided to test your math skills!

Following are five questions similar to the ones fifth- and sixth-grade students answer when competing in math meets. These questions are designated “No Calculator,” so please resist your urge to use a calculator and instead give your brain a little extra exercise!

Students typically have a time limit, but because this is for fun take as long as you need.

Good luck!


1.) 12 : 3 = 20 : ___


2.) What is the correct time 3,600 seconds before 1:30 p.m.?


3.) Find the missing number. 5 x (3 + 4) = (5 x 3) + ___


4.) At 4 p.m., a pole 10 m high casts a shadow 15 m long. At the same time, how long is a shadow cast by a pole 6 m high?


5.) If 3 tics = 4 tacs, and 2 tacs = 3 toes, then 1 toe = ___ tics.


Think you’ve answered them all correctly? Email Lori for the answers.

Thank you for testing your math skills and your interest in the Appleton Education Foundation. Visit our blog for a complete listing of recently awarded grants.