Ron Dunlap Memorial Gifts

Between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, the Foundation received gifts from the following individuals and organizations in memory of Ron Dunlap. Gifts were directed to support immediate needs at Lincoln Elementary School.

You can make a gift any time to the Appleton Education Foundation online. Or, mail your gift to Appleton Education Foundation: 122 E. College Ave., Suite 1B, Appleton, WI 54911

Matt Adams and Katie Chicquette Adams
Lee and Amy Allinger
Brian and Cynthia Anderson
Ross Annen
Association Of Wisconsin School Administrators, Inc.
Alex and Julie Barker
Steven and Diane Barnett
Judith and Edward Baseman
Dale Schaber and Penny Bernard Schaber
Bruce and Jane Bleier
Pat Boldt
Nan and Brad Bunnow
Stephen Bye and Katherine Moy-Bye
AASD Elementary Principals
Cindy and Jake Czarnik-Neimeyer
Gillian Dawson
Linda Dawson
James Fisher
Judy Gaines
Tony and Jane Garton
Charlie and Beverly Goff
Herbert and Gayle Hardt
Greg and Karen Hartjes
Chris and Evie Hartwig
Steve and Beth Heng
Paul and Nancy Heykes
Nora Horne
Tyler and Heather Hutchison
Scott and Margaret Idlas
Julie King
Jeffry and Shelby Knezel
Joyce Laedtke
Margot Linebarger
Bob and Barbara Luedtke
John and Sally Mielke
Noelle Mudrak
Daniel and Debbi Natali
Tom and Mary O’Hearn
Judy Phillips
Mark and Helene Pohl
Mark and Ann Rothe
Peter and Jeanne Ryerson
Harvey and Nancy Samson
Kristine Sauter
Nancy Scheuerman
Thomas and Patricia Schinabeck
Kathi Seifert
David and Jean Seitz
Richard and Judith Simon
Daniel and Kimm Smith
Donald and Suzette Stewart
Michael and Debbie Strick
Thomas and Andrea Tatlock
Karen Tipton
Polly Vanden Boogaard
Susan Wildt
Todd and Elizabeth Wulf
Val Wylie