This past July we celebrated 16 years of our golf outing: the Knowledge Open. AEF knowledge open logo 4c-01

Just like all other golf committees, in the “off season” we talked a lot about what we could do to make the event better than ever. Looking back on the event, I think we can boil it down to a few things that made 2014 special.

1. We continued to celebrate the awesome gift Mary Beth Nienhaus gave to the AEF — Wingamie Golf Course.

2. We had a more diverse student population on the course. Not only were we joined by a group of high school golf athletes, but three middle school students and their teacher from Madison Middle School also attended. These middle school students showcased the new REALITY drINC cafe that will open with the new school year. Healthy smoothies were available for golfers to try. REALITY drINC cafe was made possible through an AEF “Choose Your Focus” grant.

3. Volunteers. We had more volunteer needs that in previous years and our devoted board and committee members and school district staff were there for us.


4. Sponsors and Golfers. We had more sponsors and golfers this year than ever before. We know that if we continue to tell the AEF story to the community, support will follow. We appreciate the more than 160 people who golfed and about 60 companies that sponsored to support creative learning opportunities.

When these four ingredients came together, it made for an outstanding year. More than $12,500 is in the process of being awarded to schools directly from the outing. The remaining proceeds will support AEF’s overall mission.

We are now in the brainstorming stages for the 2015 Knowledge Open. And, you better believe that, once again, it will better than ever!

Learn more about the Knowledge Open.

Ferber team

If you have any questions about the outing or are interested in participating or sponsoring, please contact Lori.