Establishing a Fund

The Appleton Education Foundation manages a collection of endowment and temporary funds, created and sustained by contributions from hundreds of community members and area businesses.

Types of funds

Donor Advised Fund – a personal approach to giving; you recommend grants for educational interests that have special meaning for you | Donor Story

Designated Fund – a targeted approach to giving; you choose one specific educational area (ie: school, subject, etc.) to receive ongoing support | Donor Story

Field of Interest Fund – a focused approach to giving; you support a broad educational area but allow the Appleton Education Foundation to select projects or programs that meet your giving goals | Donor Story

Scholarship Fund – a fund to help students succeed in post-secondary education opportunities; you determine the criteria required for students to apply | Donor Story

How Much Do I Need?

A minimum of $10,000 ($15,000 for scholarships) is required to begin grantmaking. However, a Future Fund can be started with a minimum  of $1,000.

How Long Will The Fund Last?

You decide the time frame for your giving. Many donors choose to create a permanent endowment to support their favorite causes in perpetuity with a gift of $10,000 or more ($15,000 for scholarship funds). An endowed fund may distribute up to 4.5% of its asset value each year. The balance remains invested for future years. If a permanent endowment does not suit your charitable goals, you may establish a non-endowed fund. Grants may be awarded from the fund in any amount, and at any time. If all fund assets are distributed, the fund will be closed. No minimum gift amount or balance applies to non-endowed funds.

How do I start a fund? 

Contact the Appleton Education Foundation office at 920.832.1517 or email to schedule a meeting with a staff member to discuss your goals for promoting a particular area of educational interest and how a fund can help you accomplish them.