Club 365 – AASD Staff Giving

Join Club 365 and join hundreds of staff members of the Appleton Area School District who give to the AEF each year.

register button - 365Club 365 is an exclusive giving club for employees of the Appleton Area School District. Funds directed to the AEF through this giving program go to the Opportunity Fund and support the overall mission of the AEF.

Club levels represent the number of school days (180) and days in a year (365). We know that learning happens every single day. By contributing to AEF you are supporting learning even when school is out of session.

Benefits of Club 365
• Name listed in the AEF annual report
• Invitation to annual social event for Club 365 members
• Surprise during staff appreciation week in May!

If Club 365 reaches 35% participation among AASD staff members for the 2017-18 school year, one randomly selected AASD school will receive an unrestricted $250 grant in January, 2018. 40% participation = 2 grants awarded; 50% = 4 grants awarded. (Percentage based on enrollment by October 31, 2017. Or, make a one-time gift of at least $43.20 before December 30, 2016. One time gifts should be sent directly to the AEF with Club 365 in the memo line of the check.)

You can make gifts three different ways:
1. Payroll contributions – complete this enrollment form and send it to AASD’s payroll department
2. Write a check – send the check, along with this Gift Form, to the AEF
3. Give online – visit the Community Foundation’s secure online giving site


For specific payroll deduction questions, please contact the AASD Payroll Dept. (ext. 2053 from a district phone)
For specific AEF questions, please call the AEF office at 920-832-1517.

Thank you for considering a gift to the AEF and for all you do for our community’s youth!