AASD Staff Giving

The #give2learn 2018 Staff Giving Campaign will launch September, 2018.

Download the brochure.

Special thanks to Louis Chicquette, our matching gift sponsor! 

Benefits and Contest Rules

This campaign will run September 10-October 12, 2018. Although contributions will be welcomed at any time, October 12 is the last day contributions will be eligible for the benefits and contest.

All new or increased gifts will be matched, up to $1,500. Eligible match amount is based on total annual commitment. (Ex: You increase your gift from $2 to $3.50/pay period. Your match amount is $1.50×24 pay periods = $36.)

There are 29 AASD teams. Some buildings/departments have been combined for fairness. All teams are listed below. Your team is listed on the pledge form in your personalized brochure. The three teams that have the highest percentage of participation will win a catered breakfast on a late start day.

Everyone who gives $3.50 or more per pay period is eligible for a free AEF t-shirt. We encourage you to wear these shirts on AEF Day – November 14.

All payroll givers, regardless of amount, will be entered in a drawing to win an AEF gift basket.



AASD Leadership Center (main level and lower level, less 4K staff)

Appleton Community 4K & Community Early Learning Center staff

Appleton Public Montessori & Valley New School & Wisconsin Connections Academy

Badger Elementary School

Berry Elementary School

Classical Elementary School

Columbus Elementary School/Appleton Bilingual School

East High School

Edison Elementary School

Einstein Middle School

Facilities & Operations Center

Ferber Elementary School

Franklin Elementary School

Highlands Elementary School

Horizons Elementary School

Houdini Elementary School

Huntley Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary School

Johnston Elementary School

Kaleidoscope Academy

Lincoln Elementary School

Madison Middle School

McKinley Elementary School

Morgan Administrative Building

North High School

Richmond Elementary School

Foster Elementary School

West High School

Wilson Middle School

*If a charter school is housed within a neighborhood school, those employees are considered part of the neighborhood school team.


For specific payroll deduction questions, please contact the AASD Payroll Dept. (ext. 2051 from a district phone)
For specific AEF questions, please call the AEF office at 920-832-1517.

Thank you for considering a gift to the AEF and for all you do for our community’s youth!